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Do You Have the Four A's?

I have learned that although I want to help as many people as possible, I work best with people who share similar values. In the past, I have taken on clients who weren’t a good fit for my practice. Through this process, I have discovered that my ideal clients generally share the same “four A’s”:

The Right Attitude

I understand that investors face a myriad of choices and are bombarded with information from the media, their friends, and other financial professionals. I enjoy working with clients who understand that:

  • We aren’t building a portfolio designed to outperform the S&P 500
  • We are building a portfolio designed to be better protected from market downturns
  • My services are valuable and worth pursuing for the long-term

The Assets (or Income)

As much as I would like to help everyone achieve the retirement lifestyle of their dreams, this just isn’t possible. My best clients have worked hard throughout their life and have realistic goals for their retirement. I sit down with them and establish where they are today and where they want to be tomorrow based on their assets and income.

The Ability to Take Advice

As a financial advisor, I do just that — provide advice. My clients understand the value of professional guidance, are willing to work with me, and listen when I offer them recommendations. As robo advisors and online planning softwares continue to flourish, so does the importance of working with a financial advisor who intimately understands your unique situation and needs. I:

  • Put my clients first and act in their best interest
  • Put their needs at the forefront of what I do
  • Work closely with my clients to figure out what they need
  • Determine possible solutions that are appropriate for them.

Act as an Advocate

One unique thing about the financial industry is that firms like mine are driven by referrals. I have been lucky enough to work with individuals and families that have been proud to refer me to their connections and I am immensely grateful for this opportunity. I also believe that my clients act as advocates for their community when they recommend my services, because they inform others of the importance of financial planning. I enjoy working with individuals who aren't afraid to act as advocates for themselves, their community, and our firm.

By working with a select number of people who share these A’s, I can devote more time to each of my clients and provide a higher level of service. I encourage you to reach out today if you believe you fit these categories.