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What I Do

What I do for you:

  • I focus on investment processes that can take your portfolio out of stocks during markets decline. 
  • I focus on investment processes that tell us when to get back into stocks. 
  • I offer multiple processes to add diversification to your portfolio.
  • I consider risk before return when building portfolios.
  • In short, I try to help you avoid a repeat of 2001 and 2008.

What I don’t do for you:

  • I don’t try to time the markets with day trading, emotions run amuck or the latest hot stock tip from late night television. 
  • I don’t jump from process to process trying to chase last week or last year's trendwhat was hot last week or last year.
  • I don’t try to make you fit what we do if you don’t see the value in trying to avoid large market downturns.
  • I don’t try to outperform the S&P500.

In short, I don’t get distracted by all the media hype and I don’t lose my focus on your portfolio when markets get volatile.